what we offer

GRCP supplies various types of precast cladding and Parapets with different shapes, colours and finishes to suit customer requirements with thickness from 50 to 200 mm.

Special precast & GRC concrete products are cast in gray or white concrete with/ without pigment, with form liner finishpattern finish, recesses,
polishingengraved concretegraphic concreteetc.for external walls and boundary walls.


Special Precast Concrete Products

Glass Reinforced Concrete Products (GRC)

GRCP precast provides high quality special precast concrete products such as underground/ elevated water tanks, road barriers, flower boxes (planters), sleepers, wheel stoppers, concrete benches, pergolas, trellis, bollards, curbstorres, sunscreens and sun breakers, splash blocks, etc., with the utmost satisfaction of clients and as per their requirements.


Spray Machine

Capable to cast 60 to 64 GRC panels every day, while no other GRC precast factory capable to achieve this rate of progress
35,000 kg to 40,000 of GRC /day

45 No’s Casting tables Capacity to cast 38-50 GRC panels with steel stud frame every day Currently engaged for Podium S10/S11 panels fabrication which is expected to complete by End of July 2019 Approximate 15 table can be immediately made available for casting podium S09 Space for 30+ GRP Moulds for Towers Capacity to cast at least 30 GRC panels for towers SR05 & SR06 every day